Initally hailing from a tiny village in Uttar Pradesh ,my fore fatheres settled at Kandivali(East)Maumbai since more than seven decades, as back as ,early 1940's Having been from agricultural background, they undertook agricultural activities in area.
I have been bought up and educated in Kandivali(E)Mumbai itself.
To begin with... I started my career by opening independent transport, construction and development business in the year 1982 as well as also actively participated and supported in families various versatile businesses in different roles according to the requirement.
My family was very much inspired by Indian National Congress Partyies policies and views since long. As per my basic nature , I was involved in social activities/services and always extended helping hands towards needy, down trodden and people from weeker sections of society in and around the locality. On the great public demand and request I contested Municipal Elections and entered into political arena and was elected as Corporator in the year 1992 from Kandivali(E) , Mumbai as an Independent Candidate winning the election with thumping majority and served as such as per the expectations of our voters :-
1. Corporator BMC,Mumbai from Kandivali(E) Year 1992 to 1997 Ist Term
2. Corporator BMC,Mumbai from Kandivali(E) Year 1997 to 2002 IInd Term
3.Corporator BMC,Mumbai from Kandivali(E) Year 2002 to 2007 IIIrd Term
4. Corporator BMC,Mumbai from Kandivali(E) Year 2007 to 2012 IVth Term
During first and second term, contested as an independent Candidate and during Municipal Elections of 2002 and 2007 i;e 3rd and 4th term having been nominated from Congress Party served as such as gongress candidate.
During Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2009,contested Assembly Elections and have been elected as M.L.A as a congress candidate and serving as such.
Position Held:-
1.Special Executive Officer since 1992.
2.Chairman,Ward Committee(R/South)Mumbai 1998-1999.
3.General Secretary,North Mumbai Distt.Congress Comittee.
4.Member,Mumbai Pradesh Congress Comittee.
5.Member,Divisional Rail Useres Committee.
6.Director,Thakur Group of Companies.
7.Trustee,Thakur Education Trust.
8.Trustee,Zagdu Singh Charitable Trust,Mumbai.
9.Chairman,Singh Estate Truck & Tempo Association.
10.Chairman,Shrimad Bhagwad Sewa Trust,Mumbai.

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